Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) Products

European Profiles has also ventured into GRC to meet the aspiration of designers and architects who calls for traditional and architectural features that can be moulded to required shapes. They are lightweight, durable and suitable for use both in exterior and interior façade finishes. GRC has the flexibility of being shaped to virtually any design imaginable given its ‘Spray on Mould‘ manufacturing process. It is used in a wide range of architectural components such as external cornices, arches, Islamic motif, column cladding and various decorative features.

Albukhary Higher
Learning Centre, Kedah

Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) extensively used on this project

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EP Translucent Sheet

Industrial grade fibreglass or polycarbonate translucent sheeting formed to match the contours and shapes of various EP metal profiles provides economical solution to improve lighting conditions in the building. The sheets can be mounted either as a roofing sheet or as a wall cladding, fulfilling the objective to brighten the building in perfect harmony.



Maintenance, Accessibility and Fall Arrest System

EP offers a wide range of solution for maintenance accessibility to roof tops such as mechanically assisted single flap or double flap roof hatch, emergency escape doors and fall-arrest systems. Our design engineers can also assist in customized solutions for roof access, walkways, cat-ladders or guard rail providing a safe condition for the maintenance crew when executing their work.


Dedicated Fall Arrest System which anchors and blends into the building aesthetics ensures that the safety of maintenance crews is not compromised and at the same time without limiting the mobility and ability of the operators from performing their work at high elevations.

Ventilation Solutions

EP can provide customized ventilation solutions for your industrial plants and processes. Using the latest in Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling techniques, accurate predictions can be made on temperature contours and thermal movement in a naturally ventilated building.


EP range of Ventilation Louvers, Engineered Ridge Ventilators, High Capacity Discharge Vent, Acoustic Louvers and Power Roof Ventilator are complementary products for enhancing the air movement and noise reduction to the desired comfort level in the building.


EP will customize a solution to complement to your building needs.


EP Fascia Gutter System

An economical, adaptable external gutter system for industrial buildings, these gutters are provided in standard length of 3 metres and produced from the same material as the roofing sheets.


The complete system includes the main gutter, external butt strap, end stops, gutter brackets, support sleeves, adapter plate, gutter bracket adapter, downpipes, downpipes clamps and other fittings.