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Composite Floor Decking (CFD) systems are designed for rapid installation of flooring to facilitate lightweight buildings with long clear spans. Large areas or steel decks can easily be craned into position and productivity of over 400m2 laid by one team per day is easily attainable.

Quality Assurance 

European Profiles's range of composite floor decking is quality assured to ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality Systems and tested under in Exova Warringtonfire (prev. Warrington Fire Research Centre) and PAVUS (Czech Republic) with the structural fire performance assessed by SCI with plastic and elasto-plastic analysis using computer model BFIRE.

ComFlor Design Software

To assist designers and engineers, an easy to use yet comprehensive proprietary floor decking based on BS 5950 or Eurocode standard is freely available to all professionals who register at

Additional technical advisory is available from European Profiles’ to assist all consulting engineers and contractors in composite flooring design and detailing issues.

ComFlor® 51 (Holorib)

Though nearly half a century old, re-entrant profiles still remains one of the most specified composite profile in this region. This classic re-entrant profile not only provides a clean aesthetic appeal, the 150mm dovetail groves also provides the most effective shear stud performance of all composite profiles available. Also available for this profile are optional threaded wedge nut fixings for anchorage for services underneath without the need of drilling into the cast slabs 

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ComFlor 60

The ComFlor® 60 (CF 60) composite floor profile offers the ultimate in lightweight steel decking for all multi-rise buildings. It combines exceptional spanning capabilities with reduced concrete usage to provide a cost-effective and attractive floor solution that’s easy to install.

Specially designed with trough stiffeners and side laps positioned to guarantee centrally placed shear studs, CF 60 gives exceptional unpropped spanning capability of up to 4 metres, reducing structural steel requirements and hence cost. As a trapezoidal profile and stackable, CF 60 optimizes freight (in inland trucking and more so sea freight).

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ComFlor 80

As the elder sibling to CF 60, Comflor® 80 offers typical unpropped spans of 4.2m simply supported and in the continuous condition, spans of 5m can be achieved. 

It combines exceptional spanning capabilities with not only less structural steel supports but also reduced concrete usage as compared to other re-entrat profiles to provide a cost-effective and attractive floor solution.

It is also designed with trough stiffeners and side laps positioned to guarantee centrally placed shear studs. Like any trapezoidal profile, its is stackable thus optimizes freight making it a commonly specified profile not only for local but export projects.

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Closed End

Both ComFlor® 60 & 80 are now available as an option from European Profiles’ Works with closed ends.  

This allows for pre-studded beam (which maybe designed to any stud centres and not be confined to the pitch of the profile), enhanced acoustic and fire performance, to which allows the wet concrete to be retained without the use of filler blocks giving a continuous mass of concrete above the beam flange. 

close end 1.png
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Pusat Pentadbiran Sultan Ahmad Shah, Kuantan

This 420m tall tower uses HOLODECK composite floor decking on all the 7 floors of the gondola area

Kuala Lumpur Tower

Comfloor 80 was selected for its superior spanning capacity

Terengganu Drawbridge

160,000 m2 of Super Holorib composite floor decking were installed on 8 floors of the retail podium

KLCC Suria Retail Podium

Marina Bay Sands