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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modelling

Customized ventilation solutions fusing the latest in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling techniques, accurate predictions can be made on temperature contours, air velocity vectors and contours

Acoustics Louvers 

Commonly used in environments where both noise control, ventilation and rain defence are required. 4 different standard models of acoustic louvres are available with options of use in combination with any of our other rain defence or ventilation models, if required.


EP 7010 

is a factory assembled, medium performance,

half chevron louvre

EP 7020 

is a factory assembled,

high performance,

full chevron louvre

EP 7030 

is a factory assembled, medium performance,
half chevron louvre

EP 7040 

is a factory assembled, medium performance,
half chevron louvre

Transmission Loss.png
Pressure Drop Curve.jpg

Sand Trap Louvre 

EP's STL Series of Sand Trap Louvres (now branded as Weather Eliminator) have been specifically designed to allow air flow and repel the entry of dust / sand of < 89 microns. Given the orientation of the blades, sand trap louvers also offers excellent weather performance and out performs many horizontal storm proof louvers.


With added flexibility of being contoured to match trapezoidal profiles both in terms of modularization, it allows for the these louvres to blend in with the wall claddings.

Sand Trap Louvre.png
Eliminator Section_edited.jpg
Eliminator Horizontal Section_edited.jpg

Integrated with proprietary insulation system, the weather eliminator series is now also acoustically treated.

Eliminator Customized Series

For aesthetics or improved performance, the Eliminator Series maybe paired with other louvre series for a wholly customized product.

Eliminator With Horizontal Louvers & Acoustic Performance.png

High Capacity Discharge Ventilators (HCD)

HCD ventilators are designed to give maximum discharge of heat, smoke and fumes from industrial buildings of all types with the minimum size of roof openings, offering complete weather protection yet still able to cope with the most arduous conditions.

The HCD ventilators provide complete flexibility with design and

are aesthetically acceptable when installed.


Streamline Ridge Vents (SRV)

Streamline Ridge Vent (SRV) range are designed to provide natural ventilation in buildings where nominal ventilation rates are required through solar gain, light engineering processes or general warehousing.

Translucent Sheets with natural ventilation.jpg

EP Translucent Sheet matched with Ventilators

Industrial grade fibreglass or polycarbonate translucent sheeting
formed to match the contours and shapes of various EP metal
profiles provides economical solution to improve lighting
conditions in the building. The sheets can be mounted either
as a roofing, wall cladding or even part of a ventilation system,
fulfilling the objective to brighten the building in perfect harmony.

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