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European Profiles Standing Seam System

EuroZip® is becoming increasingly popular in both residential and commercial buildings, thanks to its versatility, durability, longevity and energy efficiency properties. Boasting variety of width, tapering and curving capabilities, this standing seam roofing system has the ability to adapt to buildings of any geometry and shape, making it an ideal choice for modern architectural designs.

Standing seam roof panels has raised metal seams that are joined with concealed fasteners. These panels are attached to the building structure with high-strength metal clips without screws piercing through the sheets. This not only gives a clean, sleek look to the roof profile, but also eliminates possibilities of seam leakages and offers a superior waterproofing system.

The EuroZip® range of standing seam profile also offers the flexibility of on-site roll forming, providing installers the control to form and customise panels at the project site. The colour and material of this roofing system can also be customised to one’s needs and preferences.

The EurozipTM series come in few variation - EuroZip® 25, EuroZip® 38, EuroZip® 65, EuroLok® 25, EuroLok® 38, EuroSnap® 25, and EuroSnap® 38. EuroZip® 65 can be paired with ST clips of varying heights, allowing thermal and acoustic enhancements. It also has the ability to be engineered with solar retention options.

EuroLok 25 Substrate.png
EuroZip 25 Substrate.png
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