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European Profiles Secret Fix System

EP Clipfix

European Profiles EP Clipfix 672/41 secret fix roof system is designed to suit the demanding requirements of architects and owners who call for a totally weatherproof roof system and long length sheets with roof pitch design as low as 1.5 degrees. Together with our state of the art roll on site forming machines, extremely long lengths of sheets can be produced with no end lapping.


With effective cover width of 672mm and rib height of 41mm, it provides good water shedding properties. This concealed fastening system also ensures speedy and easy installation and yet functions as a very effective watertight roofing system.


Also available in EP Clipfix 980/42 for superior water shedding and spanning capabilities.

EP CLIPFIX 672 41.png
Clipfix 672-41 Substrates.png
Clipfix 980-42 Substrates.png
Clipfix 980-42.jpg.png
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