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Materials and Coating Finishes

European Profiles is able to provide roof and cladding systems in a host of finishes and material ranging from stainless steel, stucco-embossed aluminum, zinc / aluminum alloy-coated steel, pre-painted zinc / aluminum alloy coated steel, hot-dipped zinc coated steel and pre-painted hot-dipped zinc coated steel.


Other choices in material can also be offered to the more discerning architect or designer. Choices in paint systems from high quality polyester, PVDF coatings and Corus’s HPS high performance (200 microns) barrier coating are also available. Selections are based on demands on corrosion resistance, colour retention and other local factors.

Condensation Risk

Condensation Risk Analysis

The risk of condensation in the roofing system is a major concern in any proposed built-up by the designer. Moisture entrapments and condensation inside the roof will lead to accelerated corrosion, reducing the lifespan of the roof.


European Profiles uses software to calculate the risk of interstitial condensation forming at the interfaces of layers within an element in accordance to BS 5250:2002, code of practice for control of condensation in buildings. The method of analysis is defined in BS EN ISO 13788:2002.

Acoustic Prediction

In the design of any building, considerations are given by the consultant on the acoustic characteristic both inside and outside of the building. Herein, the correctly designed roof and wall cladding system plays an important role.

European Profiles has various systems to cater for the different levels of sound absorption and sound transmission coefficient (STC) required, ranging from simple roof to high built-up system with STC 50 and beyond. We also work with local and overseas acoustic consultants on specific high-end projects when required.


Working with acoustic specialists and local universities, European Profiles is able to provide not only solutions to your building acoustic needs but also as a testing facility to prove acoustic performances are met. 


Hydraulic Calculation

The South East Asian climate is particularly challenging for roofing solution providers due to rainfall intensity varying throughout the years and the heavy monsoon seasons.

European Profiles is more than capable of designing roof systems that can withstand the heaviest rainfall and thus, ensure a 100% watertight solution. Among our advantages is the use of design calculation software by experienced engineers in ensuring that all roofing and cladding criteria are met.

Ventilation & Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) Modeling

Ventilation system for louvers and ridge ventilators are commonly designed to ensure effective airflow within a building. At European Profiles, technical expertise using complex software modelling (finite element analysis method) is available to provide ventilation system data in the analysis of temperature distribution and heat movement anticipated in a building. 

Typical CFD Model[10938].jpg

Sustainable Building Envelopment Design

At European Profiles, we believe that sustainable construction must deliver environmental, social and economic benefits as well as meeting functionality of buildings. We take a holistic approach to implementing sustainable practices taking into account the requirements of fire, thermal, acoustics as well as other local planning, regulatory and council requirements.
Being a Registered Solar Photovoltaic Investor under NEM with Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA), we are licensed investor of photovoltaic programs where sustainability building also brings in economic benefits.

Fire Design

All composite floor decking systems supplied by European Profiles have undergone extensive testings at Exova Warrington Fire Research Centre with further assessment from The Steel Construction Institute of the UK.

With these tests, composite floor decking systems supplied by European Profiles made capable of being designed using “Mesh and Deck Method” (taking the mesh and deck only without bottom reinforcement) for up to 2 hours fire rating as well as “Fire Engineering Method” (with bottom bar reinforcement) for up to 4 hours fire rating.

Detailed design can be carried out using the New ComFlor® 9 design software which allows both Eurocode or British Standard design considerations.

Thermal Transmittance (U-value)

  & effects of Thermal bridging

Reducing energy consumption is a pre-requisite of Green Building requirements. A well-designed cool building has a low thermal transmittance value. Thus, less energy is used to cool its interior. As a design and building specialist, European Profiles can provide the necessary advice and engineering solutions for such buildings.

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